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FINGER TIP REMOTE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021358D
Original Publication Date: 2000-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-16

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Sony Technical Digest

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Fracka Friskey Doreian Louis Noujaim


The Finger Remote is a device that attaches to the user's fingertips and allows the user to control the basic function of a TV and VCR. By pressing the thumb to the top of the forefinger, the user would be able to turn the volume up. By pressing the thumb to the top of the middle finger, the user would be able to turn the volume down. Next, two fingers would be used for controlling the channel up and down. Underneath the top rows would be function of the VCR - play, stop, fast-forward, and rewind. The Finger Remote would be comfortable enough to wear throughout the viewing experience, which allows instant control at one's fingertips. The buttons could either consist of physical buttons that could be pressed by the thumb, or they could be electronic buttons that are only activated by a special "button" located on the thumb. The second type of button will prevent the accidental activation of the finger buttons due to tapping them against something other than the thumb. The electronic buttons would also allow the user to drink beverages and use their hands for some other purpose, while still allowing them to control the TV at anytime.