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Original Publication Date: 2000-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-16

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Sony Technical Digest

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Robert Enrique Bolanos Edward Langa Lanny Allen


This invention was developed for the Perkin Elmer lithography. This product would be sold to any semiconductor company that uses Perkin Elmer in their fabrication, as it addresses the need for a laser micrometer that will measure the deviation of the Perkin Elmer isolation table. The Perkin Elmer is a widely used photolithography tool in the semiconductor industry, and contains a projection system that is housed in an isolation platform. If the platform is not precisely level, the chuck that picks up wafers will scratch the wafers. The present form of aligning is to use a bubble level, which is problematic because the level is hidden behind a panel. This invention will use a laser that emits an analog signal that is proportional to a length or distance. The new laser micrometer measures to the thousandth of an inch and will trigger an alarm if the laser deviates outside of the setpoint. Thus, the invention will be used to check in real-time the level of the Perkin Elmer isolation table and enable the linekeeper to monitor the performance of the isolation platform.