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Using mobile device identifiers to speed up call/session setup in wireless systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021477D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-20

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In wireless systems where mobile equipment of many types and/or configurations is in use, it is often necessary for the infrastructure to query the mobile equipment for its capabilities prior to assigning it new service configurations. If such a signaling exchange needs to take place at the beginning or upon the resumption of a call or a session, the result can be a relatively lengthier setup time, which would be inclusive of the signaling exchange. Currently, given the presence of identity modules that carry the subscription information and that can easily be attached to various pieces of mobile equipment, the call or session setup signaling exchange focuses on the identity of the subscriber rather than the identity of the mobile equipment. The latter, if provided, is merely used to check against a registry of invalidated pieces of mobile equipment or to derive some unique low layer identifier or functional parameter. This paper discusses an approach where information derived from the mobile equipment identifiers is used to derive the capabilities and characteristics of the mobile equipment by searching against a list of pre-store profiles. The upfront availability of the information on capabilities and characteristics of the mobile equipment allow for a call or a session setup that no longer needs a signaling exchange to retrieve this information from the mobile equipment. Thus setup time is being saved by reducing the signaling exchange.