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Outlet Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021481D
Publication Date: 2004-Jan-20
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Keith Vogel: INVENTOR


Simplified outlet device that combines the bottom cover with the bearing housing.

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NextGenC Outlet Device

The NextGenC Outlet Device simplifies the design by combining the Bottom Cover with the bearing housing. It also eliminates two whole packboxes, by adding dilution higher in the shaft. New machines will be 100% fabricated or machined, eliminating the long lead time for new patterns.

The integral Bottom Cover and Bearing Housing simplifies the design, eliminates a bolted connection, allows for a shorter more compact design and involves less machining. Relocating the dilution to above the conventional upper packbox location eliminates the need for two lower packboxes on either side of the old dilution header. This has a huge maintenance advantage, as one will only need 33% of the spare parts, and PM time for packing. The redesigned shaft, with dilution holes near the submerged end also benefits from less machining as the trepanned hole is now only ~40” deep.

Other improvements include reducing the outlet nozzles from (2) to (1). A single pulp discharge nozzle will be tangential and relocated to the lower nozzle of the bottom head of the Digester. In the single packbox design we have increased the space required for packing maintenance. It will also be less expensive and easier to rebuild with only one packing sleeve. We have also standardized on a Hagglunds hydraulic drive. Hydraulic drives are known for their reliability, high torque values and resulting lower maintenance costs. Hagglunds new compact spline design will be used in this application.