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Head Band Pad

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021482D
Publication Date: 2004-Jan-20
Document File: 2 page(s) / 2M

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The invention relates to the field of mechanical design of headbands for headsets.

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Ruggedized Head Band Pad


The invention is applicable to communications headsets.

Field of the Invention.

The invention relates to the field of mechanical design of headbands for headsets.

Description of the Invention

The new Headband pad is a santoprene molded part. The idea is to make a flat surface in the outside to have a big area and reduce pressure on the head, since this headset produce too much force to the head. The inside shape of the part is designed with several ribs that works as a springs to increase comfort. These ribs shape an empty spherical cavity with the human head radius to allow the part to ergonomically adjust to the user head shape. This radius is formed when the Pad is assembled to the headband

The following picture shows the new pad to be assembled to the headband part.


The novel idea was to design a rubber Pad with ribs in the back, in other words, the cushioning and fit is inside of the part, and not outside as the typical Pads. This is a low cost solution with good resistance against extreme weather conditions, good comfort and it is easy to change for a new one.

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