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Option ROM initialization method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021497D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-21
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Optimize option ROM image load order based on boot device order setting in BIOS setup

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BEA820020066 Bryan W Butler/San Jose/IBM Susumu Arai

Option ROM initialization method

A program is disclosed that optimizes the priority of loading option ROM image into RAM based on the boot device order specified in BIOS setup.

When a PC-AT compatible system boots from the boot device, which is connected through add-on adapter such as a PCI adapter, system BIOS has to load IPL code. IPL code is loaded from the option ROM, which is a part of the add-on adapter, to the special area of the system memory. The size of this area is limited by the architecture and, no matter how much memory is installed to the system, most PC-AT compatible systems can allocate up to only 128K Byte for the IPL code. Usually, the size of the IPL code is 32-64K Byte and after loading the IPL codes for the first two or three adapters found by the system BIOS, no more space is left for other adapters and the system cannot boot from the devices attached to those adapters.

This invention will solve the problem by providing users with a method to specify the priority to load IPL code into memory. The IPL code for the adapter chosen by the user is loaded into the system memory first and it is guaranteed that there will be enough space.

This invention is composed of two parts. The first part is a user interface, which is added to system BIOS setup menu. The User can specify the order of the IPL code to load. System BIOS can create the list of the adapter with option ROM by scanning PC...