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Bearing for turbine rotor Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021539D
Publication Date: 2004-Jan-22

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A bearing for a turbine rotor typically comprises a bracket and a bearing shell, which is held in place by several plates arranged on the circumference of the bearing shell in order to assure correct alignment of rotor and bearing shell. The plates are arranged in grooves in the bearing shell such that, in case of a relative angular shift of the rotor with respect to the bearing shell, the bearing shell tilts and compensates for the angular shift. Typically, the compensation of an angular shift is preceded by a tilting of the bearing and the overcoming of high frictional forces, which can cause uneven temperature increases of the bearing and potential damage. A new type of bearing comprises sensors that measure a relative angular misalignment of the rotor and hydraulic cylinders that support the compensating movement of the bearing shell upon a control signal from the sensor. The measure prevents potential damage due to irregular thermal effects.