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Address and Name Formulating Support for Web-based Applications using XML, Java and JSP Tag Libs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021572D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-23
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Globalizing web-based software applications mandates support for country specific postal address formats. In most Object-Oriented programming languages, cultural information such as date/time format, currency format, number format, collation rules, and text boundary rules can be obtained from locale-sensitive classes. The locale-sensitive classes change the behavior based on the locale. Postal address formatting is much more complicated than other cultural formatting and does not have any locale-sensitive classes that software developers can use while globalizing(localizing) their software application. Software developers are, therefore, responsible for implementing their own postal address formatting schemes.

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Address and Name Formulating Support for Web -based Applications using XML, Java and JSP Tag Libs

T he approach presented is based on the following extensible procedure:

1. A GUI tool (command-line or Web-based) is written to generate the postal address format description document/file. This tool is intended to be used by a user ,who will not necessarily have any programming knowledge, to define the address format for a specific country. The user could be a customer service representative, business analyst, store designer...etc. The user will be presented with a set of combo boxes, edit boxes, selection boxes, and other GUI objects to define the address format for a specific country. Based on the user's selections, an Address format description document is generated.

2. A group of utility classes is writeen in Java to parse the Address format description document and to generate Address description attributes (control information) in memory.

3. A JSP AddressFormat custom Tag that uses the Address attributes, of step 2 above, is defined to generate formatted addresses in HTML to render this HTML to the JSP page. A custom tag is a portable and reusable mechanism provided by the JSP technology for defining HTML like customized and modular functionality to be used in JSP Pages. Custom tags are implemented using Tag Libraries which are imported in the JSP pages using the 'taglib' directive. They can be referenced in the page using the prefix defined by this directive....