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Availability Time ordering Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021606D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-27
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A looser definition of 'ordered' that allows for optimized message handling.

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Availability Time ordering

Efficient removal of items from a list when: items can be unnavailable because other 'cursors' are looking at them the unnavailable items can become available agin after the cursor has parted a cursor does not want to miss an item it skipped, and which becomes available.

    Re-insert the item as it becomes available, but insert it as if it is a new item. Cursors will then traverse it as if it were a new item.

    Disadvantage - some items will be seen more than once. Advantage: where the requirements obtain this is the simplest solution. Advantage: at the beginning of unavailability the item is removed from the list. This saves other cursors traversing it. The unlink would have been required anyway on a succesful use of the item. The only extra cost will be paid if the item becomes re-available (it will need to be re added to the list at a later position).

    Variation: the reavailable item is inserted at the earliest position that is ahead of all cursors. This maintains order automatically in the case where there is only one cursor.