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Lamp base comprising holder during coating deposition processes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021703D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-04
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Lamp base comprising holder during coating deposition processes


During vacuum deposition processes as e.g. sputtering, lamps are held on holders mounted on metallic tooling. To become more flexible and independent of the base geometry of the lamp, new concepts are in development today. In this adapters are being discussed, which connect the lamp to a universal tooling. Advantage of this approach is that for a new lamp geometry not the complete tooling has to be redesigned, but only the adaptor, which holds the lamp. Of course the strength of the holding mechanism both, in the adaptor and in the tooling, must be sufficient to allow high rotation speeds (approximately 1000 rpm) at elevated temperatures in high vacuum.

The problem with this approach is that the custom made holders are very expensive. It is therefore discussed to use other materials as e.g. plastic or ceramic to build the holder cheaper and with more complex geometries. The evaluation of possible materials has been started, including the definition of necessary pretreatments of the holders (annealing, vacuum annealing, etc.). As especially for plastic bases complex shapes of the adaptor can be generated, for lamps are placed onto plastic bases a new production path can be opened.

Invention: For coated lamps, which are placed onto plastic bases, it is proposed to connect the lamp base directly onto an adaptor part used during vacuum deposition. The connection should be on a few spots only, so that after deposition, the adaptor part only has to be cut away to directly obtain the lamp mounted onto the base. Examples of such lamps where the concept can be used are e.g. the HiPer SilverVision® or...