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Cordless iron using interchangeable cartridges Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021704D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-04
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Cordless Iron Using Interchangeable Cartridges

1.0 Introduction

The cordless ironing has always been a desire for users to achieve the total freedom in ironing. There are mainly six methodologies have been proposed before. These ideas have proposed to use the sole plate itself (sensible heat), inorganic material, fluid, pressurized water & latent heat as the media for thermal energy storage and transfer. Current types of cordless irons typically make use of high mass of soleplate to store heat energy. Therefore, on has to wait for the charging to complete in-between ironing session.

2.0 The Proposed Solution to Cordless Iron Using Interchangeable Cartridges

Instead of charging the iron with steam and/or heat through a complicated coupling system for fluid exchange, which also becomes expensive and bulky, using cartridge as the energy charge/discharge unit for energy transfer from the stand to the iron body has been proposed as shown in figure 1. The proposed cartridge absorbs the heat from the charging stand and releases the heat later for steaming and ironing. Such concept requires a cartridge slot inside the cordless iron, either in a steam or dry iron and an energy charging stand with several heat storage cartridges.

Figure 1 The iron & charger stand for the proposed full cordless iron

During operation, this cordless iron starts the cycle with the cartridge absorbing the heat/energy in the charging-stand and the cartridge is maintained at desired temperature. Once required, the full cordless iron just needs to take in one of the charged cartridges into its iron housing from the stand and begin its normal operation, such as ironing and steaming. When the energy/temperature level of such cartridge drops, the user only need to slide the depleted cartridge back to the stand and replace it with a ready charged cartridge from the charging-stand to resume ironing. During the ironing/steaming process, the energy-depleted cartridge is being recharged in the stand to restore its energy level. Such method has no idle time for the full cordless ironing process at a very low cost with simple mechanism yet is able to supply ample energy to produce good quality ironing results, convenience and efficiency.

3.1 The Cordless Iron Body

In figure 2, a preferred cordless iron construction is presented. The cordless iron housing (1) encloses a water tank (2), a sole plate (5), a retractable steam chamber (3) and the cartridge (4). Similar to a normal steam iron, this cordless iron utilizes the water tank (2) to hold water and a steam chamber (3) to generate steam. However, the heat for ironing and steaming comes from the heat storage cartridge (4) instead of a typical electrical heating element. The steam chamber (3) further links to sole p...