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Process to make polyester cyclics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021708D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-04
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Docket No.: 08CV125556

Invention Title:         Process to make polyester cyclics

Description of Invention        

Polyester cyclics can be used as reactive, low viscous monomer to make composites or blends with other polymers and/or fillers; the polyestercyclics in the mixtures are quickly polymerized during injection molding. The current process of making and isolating is based on a difficult solvent-process by converting linear polyester in cyclics using a suitable catalyst in solution.

The idea is now to use a solvent-free process, making use of supercritical extraction to isolate polyester-cyclics continously from a polyester-melt. The polyester will always try to reach the equilibrium state; so by extracting the cyclics it will result in an continous conversion of polyester to cyclics. I expect that the cyclics are good soluble in sc CO2 at the right chosen pressure and temp.