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Roadmap interactive graphic Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021709D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-04
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-04
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Roadmap interactive graphic

Roadmap Interactive Graphical Presentation

Disclosed is an interactive graphical approach, represented as a roadmap. The approach provides a graphical overview of a very complicated process and leads users to complete the task step-by-step.

In complex software applications there are processes that require multiple steps and multiple objects. This invention provides the "big picture" information that shows context information, object relationships, and non-linear alternative steps of a process all from one interactive graphic control - roadmap. It can also launch specific wizards that would step users through a detailed procedure.

The roadmap graphic control works as follows:

1. Rollover objects (in the graphic) and view online text information about the object.
2. Click on an object and launch a wizard to create the object.
3. Right mouse click on an object and popup a menu with selected choices that suit the application.

Wizards or launchpads are often used to help users go through a complex process, however the process is usually linear. This invention provides a graphic overview of a process that is non-liner and shows the relationship between objects created in the process.

A sample scenario

In database OLAP products, one of most important tasks is to build a star-schema cube model based on the relational tables. To build the star-schema cube model, multiple sets of complex OLAP objects are involved, such as Facts object that conta...