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Modular shaving system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021749D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-05
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Modular shaving system

A shaving system that can be build by the user with several shaving modules. The main part of the shaving system consists of a main module with a battery, electronics, display, motor and one shaving head.

Sub-modules with also a mo tor and a shaving head can be mounted to this main module. These sub- modules are much smaller. The motor in the sub-module is fed by the battery in the main module. For this, the electrical connection is made through the connection between the sub-module and the main module. The sub-modules are resilient to the to improve contour following. The geometry's (slits, holes small and large shaving heads) of the shaving heads in the sub-modules can be different resulting in different shaving functions. By combining the main module with several sub-modules several shaving head geometry's can be build by the user. This shaving system allows the user to build his own ideal shaving system and can adapt the shaving system during shaving of the different sites on the face (cheek/neck).



Main module


possible shaving head geometry'sMain module

Shaving head



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