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Polyphenylene ether Compositions with Improved Thermoformability Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021762D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-06

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Compositions comprising a polyphenylene ether (PPE) and a polyolefin have been studied for thermoforming applications. These were found to offer excellent thermoformability in terms of a balance between resistance to sag and propensity to flow, better mold replication, faster cycle times, better dimensional stability and a higher in-service temperature window for thermoformed parts. These compositions were also found to undergo homogeneous deformation thereby offering a greater uniformity in thickness distribution in thermoformed parts. Due to their greater robustness to thermoforming temperatures and thermoforming speeds, the compositions have a wide thermoforming window. The temperature window of thermoforming extends from Tg+30 to Tg+100 and thermoforming strain rates of 0.01s-1 to 10s-1. These properties make the compositions suitable for a variety of thermoforming applications including large automotive parts, fluid handling, luggage, packaging and leisure industry. Sheets extruded from the above compositions can be thermoformed by a variety of methods including drape forming, vacuum forming, free forming, plug assist forming and pressure forming. Key words: thermoforming, polyphenylene ether, PPE, polyolefin, mold replication, thermoforming window, thermoformability, homogeneous deformation