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Merging Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with Instant Messaging (IM) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021802D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-09
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Merging Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with Instant Messaging (IM)

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Merging Global Positioning System (GPS) technology with Instant Messaging (IM)

A user GPS device is loaded with an IM messaging technology to allow two-way real-time messaging that is integrated with GPS. With this idea you are able to communicate your own files/database via instant messaging.

Current technology exists for GPS to tell you where you are but there is a deficiency in that it is primarily one-way communication. Current technology exists for IM but there does not appear to be technology that integrates/merges the two.

The problem it solves is sharing the information so that you can essentially add/edit to the "generic" map that GPS provides you - you are able to communicate with the GPS to provide input so that essentially you would be filing your own route for future use, sending the information via instant messaging, additional sharing, etc.

Currently you have GPS to guide you but have no way of adding to it - and to communicate with someone you use a car/cell phone. With this invention, you use one device for both. A hands-free feature or voice recognition may be needed to communicate the instant message instead of a keyboard.

You may be on the way to a meeting, driving a car with a GPS installed and it is directing you to a location; however there is an accident/lane closure/detour and you are re-routed. On the detour you notice a new restaurant and you want to add this information to the GPS map. You also need to communicate with the person you a...