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Tool To Automatically Check To See If Virus Definition Updates Are Required Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021803D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-09
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Tool to automatically check to see if virus definition updates are required

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Tool To Automatically Check To See If Virus Definition Updates Are Required

A program is disclosed that will check to see if virus definitions are out of date and should be updated. A computer system is equipped with a program such as "Live Update" which automatically fetches updates to antivirus software from a server. It is important that the updates be current to catch all new viruses. The present invention is a tool that executes at a computer system (or could send queries to the computer system via a network), to periodically check the date that the antivirus software was last updated. If this date is old, for example, more than twenty days old, the tool assumes that the Live Update program is not working or there is some other problem in delivering the antivirus software updates. So, the tool sends an alarm to an operator of the computer system.

The program will check the age of virus definitions daily. If they are greater than 20 days old an error log is created and an alert will be forwarded via Network Management software to a monitor. The person at the monitor will assign someone to correct any problems and update the definitions to the current version. The program will keep an activity log on each server showing the date that the utility was run, the date of the current definitions and the number of days since the last update. This log can be used for audit purposes.

Sample of the activity log created

D:\SECURITY\NTLOOKER\NAVDEFCK>type m2e44008.052 05-...