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Positional Based Diverse Web Sites Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021804D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-09
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This invention provides a mechanism to access information related to the location of the user, either privileged or publicly available, using a position based reference key to access online sites

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Positional Based Diverse Web Sites

Disclosed is a system to associate location coordinates with information providing services based on user preferences and the user's own historical events. These location coordinates are derived using a device that is enabled with a global positioning system as well as a means for online communication. The disclosed system may be used to provide tourist information like historical events at a selected location nearby the user's current position. Another embodiment of the disclosed system provides the user with access to historical information on events that he entered himself or that he was granted access to.

The current state of technology provides systems that provide information on nearby locations and instructions to arrive at a selected location. But the current state of technology lacks an online service that enables users to access location based information that may or may not be uniquely available to that user.

The disclosed system creates an interlock between online information and location coordinates to provide information that is related to that location. Another embodiment of the disclosed system enables the user to pick a thread of a historical monologue and to request more information about that thread. Included within the thread focus, the invention would provide directions to a tour of the area that focused on points of interest to the new thread monologue such as the places where person in the thread lived and...