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Copy & Paste With Automatic Source Referencing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021805D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-09
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This invention provides a mechanism for including source references when using copy and paste functionalities

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Copy & Paste With Automatic Source Referencing

Disclosed is a system that will track copying of contents to provide source information within newly created documents. These sources can then be accessed through that source information.

With the current state of technology, there are no known solutions to being able to view a document, to know what was copied from elsewhere and then to be able to quickly go to the source document. When copying and pasting sections of document into other document, one cannot derive the source of the text with the current state of the technology. This is a problem for instance when one would like to gain more information on that subject. The user would have to engage in extensive additional research to recover the original source documents before being able to study these sources in greater detail.

The system that is disclosed identifies all of the text that was copied from another source and identifies the source file or location of the source document. An action button or action command enables the user to display that source text by distinctively marking it with either color coded text or with a rectangle or group of rectangles surrounding the source text. At the top of the text is the file identifier or location reference that may be selected to access the source document. Another embodiment of the disclosed system lists all of the source material file identifiers and locations in the document.

The invention uses tags in language programs to store the directions that lead to the source material. These tags will include the file structure location or online location together with the beginning and end points in the sou...