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Method and system for obtaining a price quotation from multiple remote distributors in real time using internet and communication API. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021806D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-09
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A method and system for obtaining a price quotation/ comparison for an item or a set of items, from multiple suppliers /distributors in real time with a single action being performed.

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Method and system for obtaining a price quotation from multiple remote distributors in real time using internet and communication API.

When a Reseller wants to purchase a product from Distributors, several phone calls to each of the distributors to obtain a price quotation may be necessary even when one has obtained a price quotation, there is no convenient way to ensure the price obtained is the lowest and most current price. Also, the availability of the item with a specific Distributor could have changed between the time a quotation was obtained and when the item was ordered from the Distributor. In addition, when a Reseller wants to order a product, there is no easy way to determine which Distributor carries that product and whether sufficient inventory is available. Several phone calls need to be made and time delays might result in lost business.

This paper describes an action causing a request to be sent to multiple distributors along with retrieving a previously stored identifier of a purchaser for each distributor and information identifying the items and receiving a response from the distributors regarding price and availability of the items and quantities requested. This enables the purchaser or reseller to do a price comparison in real time and purchase product at best price. It also allows for splitting the order over multiple distributors for fulfillment at best price for each of the items in their cart. The Reseller can then either transfer the shopcart to a distributor site and fulfill the order on distributor's site or complete the order and then transfer it to a distributor for fulfillment.

The details of shopping process and obtaining quote will be described further.

A Manufacturer's site, known as a marketplace, is designed to increase the efficiency in which business is done for all parties involved including the manufacturer, reseller, distributor, and buyer. A Marketplace can be used to obtain price quotes from distributors to fulfill Reseller orders. It also allows distributors to receive shopcarts from a Manufacturer's site directly. Manufacturer's products get increased visibility in the channels, and finally shoppers can locate and purchase products and services quickly and easily. Resellers can have access to multiple distributors at once in order to fulfill orders which will also reduce their operational costs associated with doing business, since they have a wider selection of resources to work with and can compare distributor quotes to obtain the best prices. The Marketplace can also act as a venue for products promotions, sales statistics and link to product configurators. Resellers can also host a shared storefront on this site and it can also be used to match resellers with distributors and to track orders.

This capability of obtaining price quotations from multiple distributors at once and comparing them to get the best available price makes this solution more efficient than other known solutions...