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911 Mass Calls Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021807D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-09
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This invention provides a mechanism for a warning system for alerting people who are in close proximity to a dangerous situation.

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911 Mass Calls

Disclosed is a system that will warn members of the public that are close to a dangerous situation such as a fire in a tunnel, a major traffic jam or any tragedy. The goal is to have the public avoid dangerous situations or conditions so as to not to add to the danger and confusion. It is difficult to contact everyone at the same time, especially when a central speaker system is not available. In recent tragedies, like the tunnel fires in Austria, it would have been beneficial to contact the people who were riding in the cars and approaching the tunnel. Rapid communication is always a problem in such events, as they occur unexpectedly and there is a lack of knowledge on the part of the people involved in the tragedy as to how to contact the people who would benefit from knowing how to avoid the incident.

With the current state of technology, the geographic position of cellular phones is known by the equipment and systems of the telephone provider. As a result, this warning system would be able to identify cellular phones that are located within the danger area, or are approaching the area and then use that information to send warning messages and instructions to those cellular phones.

When an accident or other emergency occurs, or is about to occur, a traffic emergency service is contacted. The location of the incident is determined from the call in one of the following ways: it is provided by the caller, localization of the regular telephone or by using position information from the cellular phone provider. The danger area as well as the estimated duration...