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Distributed Multi-Task Transaction Service Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021813D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-25

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The principal purpose of this new system is to solve Distributed Multithreading/Multitasking problems when executing tasks using the same resources (evoked by caller operations) that lead to database corruption and to classical deadlock situations. In fact, the Distributed Multi-Task Transaction Service (DMTTS), based on a reservation mechanism, avoids database corruption and deadlocks due to concurrent access of two or more tasks to the same system-wide shared resources. Furthermore, when a task starts its execution it has the guarantee of completion because all the needed resources will be available and not shared by other task in execution. There are some approaches to this problem which are applied to monolithic systems. In a distributed multi-process environment expensive additional systems, known as transaction managers, are needed if one wants to take advantage of distributed parallel execution. The proposal in the present IR (Internal Representation) avoids that two or more current tasks will not be blocked when a common resource is used by other task. Note that in the worst case they can be blocked waiting for the same resources locked by the other task. Each task determines which entities will be involved in the correspondent use case/operation (including the entities used by the tasks and subtasks) and mark them as reserved in order to not being changed or deleted by other concurrent task. The objects accessed by a task can be local or in a different server running their own DMTTS that communicates with others DMTTS to support objects distribution.