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Project Planning Scorecard Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021836D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-11
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Disclosed is a system for measuring original baseline project-planning accuracy. The disclosure meets the need for an absolute measure of how well project planners perform to the ORIGINAL baseline. The result is a measure of how well the project was planned initially, both by line item as well as overall. A common response to changes during the course of a project is to readjust the baseline. As a result, subsequent performance is measured against the adjusted baseline rather than the original. The original baseline is lost as a point of reference. This provides a very inaccurate picture of initial planning accuracy.

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Project Planning Scorecard

The proposed invention provides a way to measure original project baseline planning accuracy as follows:

A disciplined, consistent measurement of actual performance to original baseline is proposed both at predetermined checkpoints and at project close. This measurement is made on each project line item as well as for the project overall. Overachieving line items will offset underachievers in the overall score. For instance, one line item may complete under budget, thus offsetting another which exceeds its original budget baseline. The line items are each scored by original plan vs. actual performance, the scores being expressed as percentages. To calculate the overall project score at that checkpoint, the individual line item scores are added together. The resulting sum is then divided by the total number of line items being tracked. The proposed invention delivers both a a) raw score and an b) adjusted score which factors in predetermined handicaps. Such handicaps can be factored in to allow, e.g. for a team which enters the project with a known, but unavoidable resource shortage. Poor performance resulting for that team would not necessarily be the result of poor initial planning, hence would not detract from its original baseline PLANNING accuracy.