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A method to show annotations dynamically in document authoring system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021852D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-13
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Disclosed is a method to locate annotations of a certain region in document authoring system dynamically.

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A method to show annotations dynamically in document authoring system

Document authoring systems such as word processor or html authoring tool  often shows some annotations of a certain region on their editing window.  The annotations are not included in the final output like printed documents  or web browser's window, but are shown in the authoring systems to aid  users to edit the documents. 

To show both annotations and actual document's content in one window,  usually there were two ways to show annotations of the document authoring  system:
overlay annotations on top of the document's content

make regions to show annotations by moving or re-layouting document's 



  content around them. There are problems in both methods. A user cannot see a part of document's  content which is hidden by the annotation with the 1st method. With the 2nd  method, a user cannot see actual layouts of document's content since the  layout is changed to incorporate the annotation.

This invention is a new method to show annotations effectively by changing  the location of annotations dynamically, according to active editing  regions. By locating annotations outside user's active editing region, he  can see any part of document's content without breaking document's actual  layouts.

A typical case: a user edits the document shown by Fig.1 which has two  regions : region [Area A] filled w...