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Method of obtaining the prioritized list of detailed tasks by using two prioritized lists for component-based software development Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021860D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-13

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Generally, to plan a software development schedule, the tasks that should be done for each component to realize the requirements in the software need to be predefined. If there are some dependencies among the components, the order of developing the components must be considered as well as the order of implementing the tasks. This means that detailed tasks having information about both components and tasks need to be predefined to make an actual schedule. These detailed tasks would be used not only in the planning phase but also in the iterative development phases. this is because most software development projects involve situations where it is necessary to redefine tasks or to reschedule the plan on the basis of updated assumptions. This article discloses a method which can quickly provide detailed tasks by using two prioritized lists. One of them is the ordered list of components and the other is the ordered list of predefined tasks. This approach is advantageous for a project which adopts a common architecture that is using advanced technology. This is because that a new architecture may be adopted by the project in the future as well as the current architecture. This approach is also advantageous for a project which provides a lot of components having strong dependencies on each other.