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Application of moulded Micaver-parts to seal lamp envelopes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021940D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-17
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Application of moulded Micaver-parts to seal lamp envelopes.

The improvement concerns the application of a moulded part of a composite material, like 'Micaver[g226]HT' (see figure) or a pressed hard glass part, to seal a lamp envelope by fritting. The moulding technology and to a lesser degree the pressing technology makes it possible to design the part in such a way that the fit-functions are integrated.

Base, exhaust tube, contacts carrier and contacts are integrated and purchased in one part (see CAD-image).

On this integrated part the stem construction is build up. The outer envelope is fritted to this part and finally the envelope is pumped and the exhaust tube is closed.

The essential feature are:

- simple construction

- less parts

- less welding points

- reduced risk of failure

- considerable costs reduction

- several lamp types can benefit from the invention (e.g. new CDM20W, CDM-T etc).

Tests have shown that a vacuum tight sealing and contacts feed-through are feasible.

Left: Actual practice (as an example the CDM20W is shown); Right: integrated part according to the improvement

Contacts carrier



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