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HPS lamp with internal glow switch starter circuit

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021941D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-17
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HPS lamp with internal glow switch starter circuit

An HSP lamp (50W - 110W) is well known having an internal glow switch starter circuit comprising a glow switch starter in series with a bimetal switch to keep the glow switch starter switched off during the operation of the lamp.

To simplify the construction a new glow switch starter is developed. The newly developed glow switch starter has a high closure temperature (Tclosure > 250°C), which is chosen at a

level above the temperature reached by direct heating of the starter during normal lamp operation.

In this way the switch off bimetal switch can be eliminated without the risk that the glow switch starter will become activated during the operation of the lamp due to the heat generated by the operating lamp.

In the picture a detail of the lamp construction is displayed, showing the mounting of the internal starter circuit:

To the left: the newly developed glow switch starter;

To the right: a glow switch starter circuit as known with the switch off bimetal switch mounted on top of the glow switch starter.

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