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MCM Pre-Load Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021960D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-17
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Disclosed is a device used to apply even continuous pre-load pressure on an MCM during the installation of an MCM, in conjunction with an interposer, onto a stiffener board. This pre-load eliminates the problems with iterative torquing.

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MCM Pre-Load Tool

The device consists of a 'C' Clamp type tool that sandwiches the Stiffener Board, the Interposer and the MCM with an 800 lb. pre-load pressure. This pressure is adjustable to accommodate a range of MCM applications. The Clamp has a plunger that is activated by a lever at the top. The base jaw of the Clamp has a fixed metal pad that can be removed to accept different types of stiffener configurations. The Clamp is currently made of light weight aluminum and utilizes machined brass bushings for all bearing requirements. The pivotal parts are of hardened steel. The Clamp was made light weight to make it easy to install and remove during application. The Clamp plunger is adjustable to provide calibration and to change the pressure, if needed, for future use. The top plunger pad is as wide as the current MCM to provide an even distribution of pressure over the surface of the application. This pad can be replaced as applications require. Drawings, for this tool, are available in hard copy. See picture.


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