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Integrated Method and System for Managing Software Components Development (SIGCOF) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021976D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-18
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An integrated method and management system for software components development or software package implementation is proposed and implemented. It is a real and specific implementation based on the approach of generic methodologies, like IBM GSMETHOD and WWPMM.

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Integrated Method and System for Managing Software Components Development (SIGCOF)

The core idea of the invention consists of the proposition of a conceptual model around a called Global production cycle. That global cycle, that manages from end to end the production of software elements, is composed by other management subcycles which are:
1.- Decision making cycle
2.- Technical production cycle; composed by:
2.1.- Specification cycle
2.2.- Production cycle
3.- Economic / commercial cycle; composed by:
3.1.- Opportunity management cycle
3.2.- Commercial management cycle
4.- Knowledge management cycle
5.- Negotiation cycle; composed by:
5.1.- Effort / cost negotiation
5.2.- Alternatives selection (functionality, effort/cost, quality)
6.- Coordination cycle

That idea has been implemented by a Method and a Software Management Systemover MS Access 2000. It can be a prototype as big as possible and more powerfull application over a relational database.

     The method and system proposed aims to support the effectiveness of managers tasks and the efficiency of the operations team activities. It supports a Life Cycle mechanism to coordinate the activities and deliverables of domains and teams. It is a tight integration of Project management and Software Production or Package implementation management as well as it facilitates the creation of an inventory of software components.

     As it manages the activities of teams that can belong to different companies, it can be seen as a method an...