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*Java Archive Recursive Resource Locator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021979D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-18
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This invention extends current file system search tool to handle searching through zipped archives within the file system for recursive searching capability in an environment where many zipped archives store files and directories as well as other zipped archives that one might be looking for.

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*Java Archive Recursive Resource Locator

A program is disclosed that solves the problem of searching file archives and nested file archives for a given criteria (file name, path name or combination thereof). Modern file system directories are typically large and contain many different types of file archives (ex. ZIP, JAR - *Java Archive, EAR - Enterprise Archive). This presents a problem for a user who wishes to find a certain file or path that may be housed inside a file archive or within a nested archive. There are tools that can open/display the contents within a zipped archive (such as JAR, ZIP, TAR) one at a time given a zipped archive as an input. And also there are tools that can search for certain resources (i.e. all types of files) within a file system. The invention recursively navigates through a hierarchal file system, looking for known and decipherable file archives. Then, it recursively searches through the found archives for other (nested) file archives or finds the matching file to the given criteria. This is a logical extension to the *UNIX find command, but with more flexibility and portability that takes into account that file archives are common in today's file systems. The implementation of this invention uses Java programming language, hence it allows portability across all platforms that contain Java Virtual Machine runtime environment. The invention also contains more functionality in matching more than just file names, but also substrings of any combination of path and/or file name.

Say we are looking into /dir1 to find the targetFile resource... /dir1/






if "file*" is a zipped archive with the following content (let's say it all contains the same content):


/dir3/targetFile /dir4/zfile






Example 1 (when file system search tool...