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Voice Mail Remote Control through Instant Messenger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021986D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-18
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Voice mail control via instant messenger This disclosure describes a process to access and use voice mail systems via instant messenger.

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Voice Mail Remote Control through Instant Messenger Proposed Solution Summary

Using instant messenger functions a person could connect to and get status of their voice mail. A list of voice mails upon request will be displayed to the user. The user will also have the ability to have the voice mail read out loud by instant messenger program.

Proposed Solution Details

Some scenerios to illustrate the process, listed below. A user is not at their desk with the phone, but connected to the network. The voice mail system would have a presence on the corporate network through an instant messenger "bot" with the ability to provide a list of messages in your voice mail box that had descriptions of the phone number that originated the message and the date and time it came in, i.e.

1 919-555-1212 2/15/2001 17:60:23 2 678-1234 John Doe 2/16/2001 16:30:28 3 41544 Mary Doe 2/16/2001 16:35:21

(The first message is from on outside caller, but message 2 and 3 are internal and the voice mail system is tied to an internal directory and looked up who the caller was) now the next command that the "bot" could receive would be to "play 1" where it would send an audio stream to your computer or "text 1" where using speech recognition software it could send the text of the message to the IM client.

A user is sitting in a meeting and a voice mail is left at his desk. The voice mail system would send you an IM with the status of the voice mail, i.e. urgent, broadcast or normal, the telepho...