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Connector Well Integrated Strain-Relief Feature For Portable Electronic Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021997D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-18
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Power and data cords connected to laptop computers and other portable electronic devices typically feature inadequate strain-relief support, thus limiting the value of their very portability. Once cords are connected to the device, any movement of the laptop or of adjacent objects against it can subject the cord connectors to unacceptable levels of strain. Connectors can also be subjected to strain if someone trips on a cord, or if the cord becomes entangled, e.g. in office chair casters, etc. Connectors protrude from the device with little or no mechanical protection against jarring, moving, bumping, including when the device is used on the lap as the name would imply. As a result, the connectors may become damaged, thereby impairing reliable operation, introducing intermittent errors, at times unbeknownst to the user. Connections may become broken, thereby interrupting data transmission altogether. This exposure is unnecessary and unacceptable. Solutions are either nonexistent or fall short of providing an adequate level of strain relief, i.e. protection to connectors. What is needed is simple, mechanically robust, solid protected connection. The proposed invention addresses this lack by providing adequate strain relief without the use of additional devices or external attachments that must be separately attached, or which can easily become lost. The proposed solution is based on a system of recessing the connectors partially or completely within wells integrated into the device casing. Surrounded by the walls of the wells in the device casing, each connection is completely protected against various forms of strain, such as described above.

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Connector Well Integrated Strain -

-Relief Feature For Portable Electronic Devices Relief Feature For Portable Electronic Devices

Main Idea

Description: To protect inserted connectors from strain, damage, connectors are partially or completely recessed within connector wells integrated into the device casing. The needed support against strain is provided by two opposing walls of a recessed female connector. This configuration provides support and protection to the male connector, which fits snugly against these 2 walls when inserted. Finger access for purposes insertion and removal of the male connector is provided through two opposing openings or cutouts in the connector well located vertically in the device casing, which are perpendicular to the two opposing recessed walls referenced above. These vertical openings or cutouts provide unrestricted access to the recessed connectors for purposes of their insertion and removal, without compromising support of the male connector. This means that the connector well recess provided in the device casing for each connector features two opposing walls whose purpose is to provide strain relief protection and mechanical support for the inserted connector by means of a snug fit, as well as two opposing openings or cutouts which are located perpendicular to the two opposing walls referenced above, and which are oriented vertically in the device casing.