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Adaptive Dial-up Connectivity: Using three-way calling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022076D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-23

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The core idea of this invention is that functionality is added to modems which allows them to periodically connect via three-way calling, to attempt to obtain a higher data rate. This invention creates a new method and apparatus that allows a connected modem to attempt to re-establish a current session with a higher connection rate. The method of this invention provides for a modem to place the current session on hold briefly, and using three way calling, attempt to connect to the same service in order to establish a faster connection rate. If the newly connected data rate is higher than the prior connection rate, the session on hold is transferred to the newly connected session. If the newly connected data rate not higher, then the session on hold is resumed. The attempt of the modem to establish a higher connection data rate is performed automatically on a periodic basis, and can be adjusted to use periods of inactivity, therefore the user may not notice any throughput degradation at all, and only the automatic switchover to the higher data rate is what will be perceived by the user.