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Time-based Acceptance of Email Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022098D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Feb-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Feb-24
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Users may buy resources from another company for certain periods of time daily e.g. on-demand computing from IBM. Let us assume that a user wants to have email delivered only for a period of 4 off-peak hours everyday. The user's email account will be inactive for the rest of the day. With today's email systems, this will result in a large amount of bounced email. This article suggests a mechanism to handle time-based email delivery.

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Time-based Acceptance of Email

It is suggested that the email gateway that normally delivers this email will respond to it during the inactive server time with a formatted list of times and dates when it is willing to accept email for the destination email address. The original sender's email client, on receipt of this returned email, will automatically schedule the email to be resent later during the "available" times. In case the original sender's email client does not understand this new option it will deliver the returned message as if it was a normal email. The actual sender will now see a message in his/her inbox indicating that he/she should only send email to the other host during the available times.