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Projection system for multiple users Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022142D
Publication Date: 2004-Feb-26
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Projection system for multiple users

The invention relates to a projection system 1 comprising a projection device 11, a server 9 and three personal computers 3,5,7. Fig. 1 shows a projection system 1 which can be used in meetings wherein the three personal computers 3,5,7 of the participants are connected to the projection device 11 via internet and the server 9. This connection can also be wireless for example WiFi. Furthermore, a mouse or remote control 15 is connected to the projection device 11 for user input. The projection device 11 is arranged to show windows or user interfaces associated with applications running on the respective personal computers 3,5,7 on the screen 13. Fig. 2 shows a picture of the screen 13 displaying respective windows 22,24,26 associated with the applications running on the personal computers 3,5,7 respectively. In this arrangement all participants are free to see each other documents. Furthermore, the personal computers 3,5,7 have been arranged such that each participant is able to cut and paste selected objects between the different windows. For example, the user associated with the personal computer associated with window 22 is able to cut and paste the selected objects 28,30 between the windows 24,26 and the window 22.

Furthermore, this projection system 1 allows projection on the full screen 13 of one the applications selected from one the personal computers 3,5,7 via the remote control 15. In this arrangement expensive video...