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Personal Audio Recorder (PAR) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022218D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-01
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Thomas Poslinski: INVENTOR


Storage media for an audio media equipment.

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Personal Audio Recorder (PAR)


Storage media for an audio media equipment.


Thomas Poslinski

Description of the Invention:

1.      A storage medium such as a hard disk drive or a DVD writer can be used to store streaming audio data in an Audio Media Device such as a Stereo Receiver. Any audio media that an Audio Receiver can decode can be digitally encoded and stored on a storage media. PAR's can be designed to perform many trick-play features that its counterĀ­part the PVR (Personal Video Record) can do. If a user is listening to a series of songs that the user enjoys, the music can be replayed, paused, or recorded. This becomes very useful if a user is listening to a Jive sports game or a talk show that the user views as important. The pause becomes very useful in this case.

2.      The solution is to incorporate a hard disk into an Audio Receiver. The hard disk drive does not need to be as large as the PVR solution because Audio data is very small compared to Video Data. The input audio media can come from any source, analog audio tuner, input from CD player, input from aux audio device, input from memory stick, input from IEEE 1394, etc. If the input media is in an analog format, ex. Analog audio tuner, the content can be converted to the digital format through digital encoding that is best suited for this type of application, i.e., MPEG Audio or any other high quality encoded format. If the input media is in a digital format, ex. AC-3, the content can be converted digital-to-digital to the format used by the PAR system.

Many trick-play features can b...