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1394 Software RAID Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022219D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-01
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Kim Annon Ryal: INVENTOR


Using 1394 enabled hard disk drives, it is possible to implement a RAID via software.

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1394 Software RAID


Using 1394 enabled hard disk drives, it is possible to implement a RAID via software.


Kim Annon Ryal

Description of the Invention:

1.      RAID controllers require hardware to distribute data onto multiple drives. This makes RAID units expensive. The cost of these controllers prohibits small-scale RAID implementations.

2.      Since 1394 enabled hard drives can be connected in any number, and can be "hot swapped", they could be used as a RAID. A 1394 host controller would have software that would enable any level of RAID functionality by managing which drives and blocks were written. No other controller would be required. Failing drives could be "hot swapped" - replaced while the system was operating, insuring that data integrity could be maintained for the chosen RAID level.

3.      Attach multiple drives to a 1394 host controller, which would be the root device. 1394 enabled hard disk drives would be attached as branches/leaves and controlled by the host. The preferred architecture would use the SPB2 protocol to access individual blocks of data on the drives, but isochronous transfers could be used to improve performance. Any file system or level of RAID that supports block device access could be implemented.