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DVD Attachment to Set-Top Box Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022221D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-01
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Kim Annon Ryal: INVENTOR [+1]


Using an ATA controller, a DVD player can be included in a Digital Set-Top Box

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DVD Attachment to Set-Top Box


Using an ATA controller, a DVD player can be included in a Digital Set-Top Box


Kim Annon Ryal

Leo Mark Pedlow, Jr.

Description of the Invention:

1.      A set-top box has all of the necessary hardware to attach a DVD drive and play DVD disks as a DVD player in addition to its normal function. For minimal cost, this feature could be included in a set-top box.

2.      By using the ATA attachment, and providing software to control playing the DVD, a set-top box can function as a DVD player. A DVD drive would be mounted inside the set-top box in a manner that permits inserting and removing DVD disks. The DVD drive is attached using AT A (included on a controller inside the set-top box). The AT A attachment transfers data from the DVD. Software de-scrambles and decodes the audio visual stream for playback using the set-top box hardware.

3.      Attach a DVD drive using the PCI controller in the set-top box. Presently this is a VIA technologies South Bridge controller. Any other controller that connects with the PCI bus could be used. Additional software would be required to transform the DVD data into a form suitable for the set-top box decoder.