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Set-Top Box (STB) MP3 Player Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022222D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-01
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Paul Hsu: INVENTOR [+2]


STB’s capability to playback MP3 files located on the harddisk.

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         Sony Corporation

         Sony Electronics Inc.

         IPD Case #50S5085


Set-Top Box (STB) MP3 Player


STB’s capability to playback MP3 files located on the harddisk.


Paul Hsu

Kim Annon Ryal

Lee Pedlow

Description of the Invention:

1.      The undeniable popularity of MP3's adds much intrigue to any product that supports it. The environment in which Sony's STB's will be used and the functionality in which it already incorporates makes our device a prime candidate to have MP3 support. The STB, being multimedia device, will likely be hooked up to an entertainment center where playback of audio is an important feature. From the consumer's perspective, a simple, yet significant feature is a necessity.

2.      With the feature of MP3 support, users will be able to take MP3 files, stored on the STB's disk drive, and play them to any audio output device attached to the STB's audio out channel. The MP3's can be downloaded by taking advantage of the STB's network connection (through the \VWW, friendly service providers, head-end, etc.). Playback will involve an MP3 decoder which will play the MP3 file directly. This can be done either through hardware (Broad com 7030 digital Signal processor (DSP» or software (through an appropriate conversion that will convert the MP3 to an audio format that the existing STB can playback). Such a trendy add-on will definitely have a positive influence on a purchasing consumer.

3.      As mentioned above, the decoding can either be done through hardwa...