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Improve Adhesion of Cationic UV Coatings Containing Cyclic Diols to Metal and Plastic Substrates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022248D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-02

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A benefit of using cationic UV coatings is good adhesion to a variety of substrates. Although cationic UV coatings generally have good adhesion there is a need to improve their adhesion to some difficult substrates. We found that adhesion of cationic UV coatings containing cycloaliphatic epoxy resins to metals and plastics was greatly improved by including tricyclodecanedimethanol (TCDM) (CASRN 26896-48-0 and 26160-83-8) or cyclohexanedimethanol (CHDM) (CASRN 3971-28-6 and 105-08-5) in the coating. Cationic UV cure coatings containing TCDM or CHDM had improved adhesion compared to coatings containing a variety of other polyols to a variety of metal and plastic substrates. The improved adhesion was demonstrated using two cycloaliphatic epoxides (CYRACURE UVR-6110 and ERLX-4360). Although both TCDM and CHDM showed improved adhesion, the coatings containing TCDM had better adhesion using difficult substrates like tin-free steel (TFS). It was also demonstrated that cationic UV cure coatings containing ERLX-4360 had improved adhesion compared to ones containing UVR-6110. This was true for coatings containing several polyols and no polyol and using several metal and plastic substrates.