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Merocyanine derivatives for cosmetic use Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022279D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-04

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Cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions comprise a merocyanine derivative as sunscreen to protect human and animal hair and skin from UV radiation. For example, delta- aminopentadienoate derivatives or [3-Amino-cyclohex-2-enylidene]- acetic acid ester compounds are used in skin-care formulations together with other UV absorbers, lecithins, griglyceride waxes, emulsifiers, associative polymers, fatty alcohols, esters of fatty acids, other adjuvants and additives, pearlescent waxes, hydrocarbon oils, silicones and/or siloxanes, fluorinated and/or perfluorinated oils, superfatting agents, surfactants, consistency regulators/thickeners and/or rheology modifiers, biogenic active ingredients, deodorising active ingredients, anti-dandruff agents, film formers, antioxidants, hydrotropic agents, preservatives and/or bacteria-inhibiting agents, perfume oils, colorants, polymeric beads and/or hollow spheres.