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Internet Search Refinement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022373D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-11
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-11
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Method to provide internet search refinement

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Internet Search Refinement

The most frustrating thing when searching for a particular item or topic on the internet is finding the correct terms to search for. This is true for searching on a search engine like google or a auction site like ebay. As a user searches for the topic or item they use filter tools (-nonapplicable term) to limit the hits that don't apply until eventually they have the correct search terms to find the topic or item.

This idea provides a history of previous searches to help a user refine his search of the internet. If a user types in certain words then along with the results and an option would appear a message that says "others who were searching for this term". This option would show the corresponding search refinements of different users, i.e, what text they added or minus'ed from their search. These refinements would appear as clickable links that would be inputted automatically into the search engine when selected.

Example, let's say a person typed in the search terms "circle cutter". Along with the results the follow would appear: Other users who started with "circle cutter" had the following refinements: user 1 - (1)"circle cutter" (2)"circle cutter -scrapbooking" (3)"circle cutter -scrapbooking +button" user 2 - (1)"circle cutter" (2)"circle cutter -button" (3)"circle cutter -button +scrapbooking" user 3 - (1)"circle cutter" (2)"circle cutter -scrapbooking -button" (3)"circle cutter -scrapbooking -button +glass"

The following is p...