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Navigating through document pages using their assigned logical page number instead of their physical one. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022394D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-12
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This article describes how pages of a document can be directly accessed using their logical page numbers instead of their physical ones.

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Navigating through document pages using their assigned logical page number

instead of their physical one .

Disclosed is a method that allows applications to search for pages of a document using the logical page numbers instead of the physical ones .

    The following figure clarifies the terms document, logical page number, and physical page number used in this article and how they are correlated together .

    A document consists of several pages. These pages are counted from the beginning to the end. This represents the physical page number. It starts with 1 and is incremented by one for each page until the end of the document is reached . In contrast to the physical page number, a document can show a page number on any of its pages. These page numbers are the logical page numbers of the document . Their appearance depends on the document . The above sample uses a title page without a page number, while the table of content uses roman numerals and the main part uses arabic numerals. How pages are numbered and where the page numbers are placed, depends on the layout of the document .

    Most applications today can only navigate through documents by means of the physical page numbers. This is unsatisfying from the user's point of view. If the user, for example, reads the table of content of the above sample and is interested in Chapter 1, he enters the shown page number (1) into the "goto page" function and expects to see the page where Chapter 1 begins. As the application only knows the physical page numbers, it assumes that the user wants to see the first page of the document and shows up the title page.

    To circumvent the above situation, some rare applications today can navigate through documents by means of special field elements representing the logical page number. This is the easiest way to implement this functionality, but requires that each document is prepared for it by its writer.

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