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Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Integrated Wireless Speakers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022396D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-12
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Essentially our disclosure would combine existing (or future) technologies used in wireless speakers and wireless keyboards (bluetooth being an example of such technology), and integrate them into one package/housing, to allow portability for both the keyboard interface device and to keep the speakers centrally located relative to the user. This solution also reduces space used when compared to other market solutions.

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Wireless Multimedia Keyboard with Integrated Wireless Speakers

Background: This disclosure would provide an integrated solution for both wireless keyboarding and a wireless speaker set. Combining these two items into a single wireless unit allows you both the freedom that a wireless keyboard affords, while also keeping the speakers centrally located, relative to the user. Also, by using wireless you reduce the general clutter associated with normal "wired" desktop keyboards and speakers.

Current solutions include:
1. standard "wired" keyboards coupled with a separate set of "wired" speakers
2. wireless keyboards and wireless speakers, separately housed
3. combinations of these sets of devices ("wired" speakers with wireless keyboards and the reverse)

By unifying the wireless speakers and keyboard into one unit, your keyboard/speaker combination uses less space than any of the listed combinations above, even when coupled with a wireless "transmitter".

Also, with unification you automatically center the speakers relative to the user, assuming the user is working with the keyboard. Even with a wireless speaker set, the user is forced to manipulate the wireless speakers separately from the keyboard.

Description: This disclosure would consist of the following items:

1. A wireless alphanumeric keyboard and a least 1 wireless speaker, integrated into the same housing. Standard audio controls (volume, bass, treble, etc) would also be present on the keyboard, as would an aud...