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Internal Network Awareness of Modified WAN Address Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022397D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-12
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A program is disclosed that employs a method of enabling a private network or private network nodes to be aware of the network's wide-area network (WAN) address. The most common situation applicable would be networks protected by a firewall or router using an addressing scheme not directly accessible by the rest of the WAN.

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Internal Network Awareness of Modified WAN Address

This program utilizes a method of monitoring an external WAN reporting agent. The outside reporting agent is responsible for allowing connections from the monitoring device and reporting back the source address he appears to have been connected to. This method allows any node in the private network to be aware of WAN address changes without requiring an API to the external-most router or participation in the bridging mechanism itself.

Dynamic DNS tools today require machines running them to be attached directly to the WAN or by having their clients activated on the routers with those clients pre-built into the firmware. This new method and program allow internal nodes to acquire knowledge of address changes and/or custom methods of relaying that information on to external sources such as a DNS server or an end-user somewhere else in the WAN.

To accomplish the program, a polling daemon was utilized to invoke an implementing and configurable address checking mechanism. If the address had changed since the last check performed at the last polling interval, an implementing and configurable address notification mechanism is invoked.

Presently several opportunities arise for implementations of the checking mechanism interface. On the Internet, a web-site reporting the IP address as part of a returned page can be utilized to determine the WAN address of private network. If an external informational API were published to...