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Purification of phenols Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022398D
Publication Date: 2004-Mar-12

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ZA 2003/2619 ZA 2003/2620 ZA 2003/2621 [+details]


A process for purifying phenols in a feedstock containing phenols, neutral oils and/or tar bases comprising the steps of i) subjecting the feedstock to liquid-liquid extraction using a solvent in the form of a mixture of water and a solvent compound to transfer the phenols into a solvent layer, and using a counter-solvent to transfer the neutral oils and/or tar bases into a counter-solvent layer; ii) separating the solvent and counter-solvent layers, which separated solvent layer contains some counter-solvent; iii) subjecting the separated solvent layer of step (ii) to distillation at or above atmospheric pressure to yield a mixture comprising recovered water and counter-solvent as an overheads product and a mixture comprising the solvent compound and phenols as a bottoms product; and iv) recovering phenols from the bottoms product of step iii) to yield a purified phenols product.