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Emergency Contact Cell Phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022411D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-12
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-12
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This disclosure describes cell phone technology that provides touch button access to emergency phone numbers such as parent or guardian home and cell numbers. This technology is designed specifically for school-aged or day care children.

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Emergency Contact Cell Phone

This invention provides a cell phone for school-aged children who can press a memory button and reach emergency contacts such as parents or caregivers, without the necessity of remembering or dialing a phone number. This is ideal for younger children, elderly persons, or persons with disabilities who may not have the agility to press multiple keypads nor be able to remember a phone number.

The invention is that the cell phone does not have an incoming call functionality, thus eliminating the possibility of classroom disruption or someone inadvertently dialing a wrong number and reaching the person. Because this cell phone is outgoing only, there is no need to keep the cell phone powered on at all times, thus lengthening the life of the battery. It should be powered on only when making a call. Also, since this cell phone does not have incoming call functionality, there is no need to assign a functional telephone number to this cell phone, therefore saving resources. Only an account number of some type for billing purposes needs to be associated with the phone.

This cell phone focuses primarily on school or day care age children, elderly individual or the disabled. The phone contain minimal memory buttons to be programmed, i.e., contact phone numbers like home, dad cell, mom cell, fire and local emergency numbers etc., and the individual pressing of the memory buttons will dial emergency numbers. It also contains an on/off button to avo...