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Filter Telephone calls by user and/or time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022454D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-15
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Phone companies provide a method to view callers on a caller-id device and a method to block a particular caller but there is no way to block a group of callers or allow selected callers based on time. There is also no way to block everybody and then select callers that can be allowed to call. The main idea is to provide a new service for the phone that allows phone numbers to be blocked globally and then selectively allow selected callers to be able to successfully ring through and/or beep in on call-waiting enabled phones. The filter can also be configured based on time of day or day of week. Others that are blocked will either receive a pre-recorded message indicating that they are not authorized to call through, receive a busy signal, or be instantly routed to the answering phone service.

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Filter Telephone calls by user and/or time

Add functions to the phone and/or phone service provider that compares the incoming call to a list of allowed callers based on time of day or day of week, if the criteria is met the call is allowed to successfully ring through. All others will be either not be allowed access or routed to a phone answering system. Additionally a separate list could be maintained to authorize callers to interrupt on a phone line that has call-waiting enabled, all others would get a busy signal or be routed to a phone messaging system. This enables the phone user to only allow interruptions from individuals that have high priority. This function can be used by selecting to block everyone's phone numbers except the numbers selected.

User selection would be provided by entering the allowed callers' information and/or date and time information. . This service can be implemented either at the phone itself or by a service provided by the phone service provider. Emergency services will not be allowed to be blocked.