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Net-Auction with price-lowering negotiation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000022455D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Mar-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Mar-16
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Disclosed is a system for Net-Auction that allows buyers to negotiate for a lower price. The system allows sellers and buyers to negotiate with each other for prices as they do in an actual flea market.

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Net-Auction with price-lowering negotiation

In net-Auctions that allow general buyers to bid, the "bid up" style auction is most popular. In such "bid up" style auctions, sellers sometimes set unreasonable starting prices for their item (goods). In this case, no buyer will bid for it. The seller may not recognize that the price is too high until the bidding period has ended. Meanwhile a buyer who wants to buy the goods but thinks the price is too expensive, has to wait until the bidding period ends and the same item is put up for auction again with a lower price.

Current net-auction systems allow buyers to send questions to sellers by email, but they cannot negotiate for price in the email, because sellers cannot change the starting bid.

To solve this problem, the following rules are added to the general "bid up" style of net-auction.

Rule 1: Buyers can bid with a knock down price (price that is lower than the starting bid). This bid is called "knock down bid". Rule 2: When the bidding period ends, if a knock down bid is the highest bid, the seller can decide to sell the item or decline the deal. The decision must be made in a certain period after the bidding period ends.

Rule 3: During the bidding period, if there is no bid except knock down bids, the seller can reduce the starting bid.

Rule 1 allows the buyer to offer to knock down the price. Rule 2 allows the seller to decline the offer. Rule 3 enables the seller to respond to the knock down bid by offering a...