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Publication Date: 2004-Mar-17
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Independent, extendable LED Lighting Module (LLM).



  1. The LLM
    1. The LLM comprises the integration of 1 or more LED’s, mounted on a PCB complete with the driver for such LEDs, together with (interchangeable) optics, all aforementioned elements assembled in one closed housing, that offers basic mechanical and electrical protection, according applicable international standards.
    2. The LLM is connected via a plug system to a mains supply voltage (110-230V).
  2. The (housing of the) LLM is designed in such a way that it offers a large degree of flexibility in use. Two principle versions can be distinguished:
    1. Single LLM: used as an independent unit, it fulfills all specific application and safety requirements. It is connected to mains voltage via a standardized plug and can used as a built-in unit for luminaires or when combined with some installation material directly as basic luminaire.
    2. Multiple LLM’s: the LLM can be coupled to similar Modules in two directions (2 dimensional), thereby increasing the light output of the assemble to the required level. Each LLM has thereto the possibility to be mechanically, electrically and thermally connected to any another LLM, within technical limits as stated by the manufacturer.
  3. The Multiple LLM must have a geometrical shape that realizes the functions as mentioned under 2. Examples of such typical 2D shapes are: triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, etc. without excluding other geometries that can fulfill the same funct...